Government & Organization Wind Damage Insurance Claims

Let Us Help You Get the Most from Your Organization's Insurance Company for Wind Damage Claims

We have provided wind damage claim services for government buildings, local municipalities, universities, and churches. Our team knows how to handle your claim and how to navigate through the coverages of your insurance policy – we make sure you don’t get slowed down and short-changed by your insurance company.

At StormDamages.Claims, we have decades of experience getting the most out of insurance companies for your wind damage loss claims. We get nothing until your organization get full and fair payments from your insurer for your wind damage losses.

Partner with us at Storm Damages, LLC right now and empower yourself with our knowledge and connections to local law, private contractors, and equity assesment to get your organization back on track fast.

“What Can I Do Now?”

Visually Document Damages

Photograph all areas and property affected by the wind damage. Structures and Property.

Mitigate Further Damage

Take steps to minimize further damages. DO NOT MAKE ANY REPAIRS AT THIS TIME.

Take Inventory

Along with photographing, make a list of all items damaged. If you can safely store items for review, do so.

Keep Receipts

Keep receipts from any work that must be performed or items purchased resulting from the wind damage.

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    Our insurance guys gave us next to nothing on our first hurricane claim.  When we made our next hurricane claim most recently with Storm Damages we got $140,000 – more than 3 times more money for damages!

    R. Douglas

    R. Douglas ,

    Houston, TX

    At first, our insurance company offered us hardly any money at all to repair our home.  Then we found Storm Damages and -thank the heavens above- they were able to get enough money to make all the necessary repairs!

    M. Afuta

    M. Afuta ,

    Houston, TX

    Storm Damages dealt with the insurance company that tried to deny my claim.  Storm Damages handled my whole claim, start to finish  allowing me to get back to a normal life and make the necessary repairs to my home.

    O. Perez

    O. Perez ,

    Houston, TX
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